The Studio

Faced with the elite golfers of the world, work and talent are not enough.

Daily training, participation fees at international competitions (USA, South Africa, Malaysia ...), equipment, and expert coaching are quite costly.
Equipment brands like BENT CRISS, GOLFLOWER and LOIC MONCHALIN CUSTOM have already expressed support for Tom, however his amateur status prohibits sponsors and any form of financial support.

Goal : 1,000 sponsors for Tom

You! One of 1,000 supporters.
To support his quest and contribute to the cost of a year of training and competition, the Association TOM POUCE is seeking 1,000 sponsors at an average donation of €50..
But each of you can give what he wants!.
With your heartfelt help, Tom will benefit via equipment, education and participation in major international competitions with the best and further progress his game.

How to become a sponsor of Tom

Individuals may support the TOM POUCE Association via mail or You will receive a personal acknowledgement from Tom along with regular updates of his progress.

Join its current sponsors: Jérôme Burtin Fermetures (JBF) - Veber & Associés - Opti'momes – Orthopédie Stendhal

Join the adventure of Tom! !

Be fascinated by the personality of Tom, seriousness, commitment, education, balance and great joy.
Share his passion for golf and immense pleasure to practice every day, at the highest level.